Guess why we call it Cloud Alley Homestay

perfect holiday destination


Cloud Alley is an idyllic locale for a holiday surrounded by nature, without the clutter and bustle of a trip to a regular holiday destination. Come, rejuvenate your body and soul in nature's arms ..

​Cloud Alley is the perfect holiday destination for:
(i) Week-end holiday makers from Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore, etc.
(ii) Nature lovers from different parts of the country
(iii) Foreign tourists looking to sample rustic lifestyle of rural India
(iv) Serious students of native flora, fauna and environment.

cloud alley homestay

Cloud Alley is located in a coffee estate at Sakleshpur, Karnataka and is a four hours' drive from downtown Bangalore. It is ensconced in the valleys of the Western Ghats covered by evergreen tropical forest and is truly a nature lovers paradise. It offers breathtaking views of the majestic ghats from every twist and turn of pathways leading to nature's pristine glory.

Cloud Alley is blessed with spectacular views during different seasons, be it: the multicolored canvas draped over the Charmadi ghats at the time of sunset in summers, the westerly winds bringing along clouds and rains through the valley during monsoons, or the fog which covers the landscape in the late afternoons during winters.

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